Melvyn Miller founded Mel’s Wells LLC with a dream: to provide the best well and water service for residents of Delaware. Since 1992, Mel has lived up to that dream. He is licensed and insured to help with all your well needs, including well pump repair, irrigation system installations for farms and residential areas and more. Mel’s Wells has the tools and experience you need for the best well service around.

Mel's Wells LLC BBB Business Review

Member of the Board of Well Drillers State of Delaware

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We at Mel’s Wells aren’t satisfied with mediocre work. We take pride in providing the best quality of wells and irrigation systems so that you can enjoy a cost-effective and sustainable water supply for years to come.


When your well pump stops working or your irrigation system floods, you need reliable service fast. That’s why Mel’s Wells offers emergency services to get you the dependable service you need when you need it.


We strive to build strong relationships with every customer through our dedicated service and quality work. When you choose Mel’s Wells, you can be sure your well and irrigation system is in the best hands.